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In the current market space, increasing the overall revenue and maximizing ROI are the overriding purpose of any organization. Prophecy Market Insights’ market intelligence service provides a comprehensive view of the market, using the existing sources of information. Our market intelligence service addresses key challenges of a market; helps in finding opportunities across various industries, and helps potential investors and partners to support the strategic decision-making process. Our panel of experts gathers intelligence through sourcing, organizing, managing, analyzing and leveraging market data to provide clients with the most accurate and detailed picture of the market. We ensure that our clients are equipped with precise data and stay one step ahead of the competition. We do this by providing:


Our market intelligence service is based on:


We provide comprehensive view of viable business opportunities in the market place, and target market insights to minimize risk. We assess market by collecting significant information and estimate it to form lucrative business strategies which in turn would make an effective decision-making process.


Prophecy Market Insights helps organizations put together a plan of action that states how a company can reach out to customers, identify target market, review existing market channels, find potential barriers to achieve competitive advantage in the existing market space.


Prophecy Market Insights assists organizations to understand current market trends, behavior of market participants, competitors\\\' status and predict the future market structure for various business verticals based on in-depth understanding of historical and present market trends.


Our competitive dashboard and intelligence helps our clients collate all their competitive data into a repository, thereby consolidating the information in an easy-to-use format. This dashboard helps keep a tab on existing competitors, define new strategies to increase market footprint, and explore future opportunities of a particular industry.

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